Album Review: ‘Dive’ by Glass Hands

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Album Art for ‘Dive’ by Glass Hands

Artist: Glass Hands

Genre: Alternative Metalcore

Reviewed Music:  ‘Dive‘ (LP, 2018)

Release Date: June 29, 2018

Track list: (10 Tracks, 37 minutes)

“Lily (Holding On)”

“Waiting Room”

“Struggle to Sleep”

“Bad Days”

“Promise Keeper”

“Resting Place”

“Part II”




Review of ‘Dive’ by Derek Wagner of Dear Untitled:

Glass Hands, a young metalcore group out of the midwest US, released the full length album ‘Dive’ back in 2018. Having just listened to it for the first time, they completely won me over from beginning to end and made me a definite fan of the group. With numerous influences from throughout the scene and immense growth from their earlier material (formerly known as the act  ‘Infamous’). Glass Hands brings to the scene a deadly combination of atmospheric instrumentals, intense guitar riffs, punk-esque drums, and powerful lyrics to the genre. To put it plainly, Glass Hands gives their listeners the best that metalcore has to offer.  As a new fan of this band, I am excited to share my review of this album.

Listening to this album, the audience can clearly hear the passion and the intro track “Lily (Holding On)” is nothing short of just that: pure, unadulterated passion. The listener is eased into the album with a slow, but steady instrumental and the scream comes in: “I’m holding on, I’m holding on!” Soft and steady at first, it rises until the music breaks, and drops again. Suddenly, it kicks you in the teeth with an ardent, bellowing scream and a melodic instrumental that grips you and almost forces you to headbang (beware of listening in spaces where headbanging is considered odd).


Struggle To Sleep”, the third track on the album,  will make you clench your teeth and just want to burst from inside your skin. Each time something new broke in the song, I couldn’t help but throw down whatever I was doing and join in on some air drums (don’t pretend you’ve never done it), and every time I thought I understood what was happening, it took yet another pleasantly surprising twist! Some of the lyrics include baddies like this:

“You don’t know what it’s like to breathe
In a world that believes a void is clarity”

Well now, just call out the existential crisis of the 21st century, why don’t you?

Part II” (Track 7) is an emotional track that pulls you through an introspective journey. This track brings together striking dynamics and lyrics that give you a sense of nostalgia and longing. One of the most evoking lines for me was at one of the climactic moments of the song: “Dive headfirst into the unknown,” screamed over powerful, thrashing instrumentals. I hear that and I’m inspired to not shrink back from the unfamiliar, the chaos that confronts me, and ‘Dive’ headfirst into it, despite being afraid. This is a powerful statement, a moving idea that strikes me personally, but one I believe should be spoken to many in our current time. This track gives us some seriously diverse sound. From a fast-paced, punk-style intro, to a melodic, ballad feel, to a heavy, distortion-laden climax, and finally, a deep, heartfelt spoken verse that brings the song to be a most beautiful track.

These three tracks are just a few examples of what one should expect when listening to ‘Dive’ Whether listening to it once, a few times, or putting it on repeat and getting lost in it, boredom is unlikely. Glass Hands has figured out how to craft each and every song into a unique experience. No track sounds exactly like the last. Glass Hands brings to the table the type of content that any metalcore fan can definitely get on board with. With powerful lyrics, incredible dynamics, and authentic passion, it’s the complete package. Although it is now 8 months old, ‘Dive’ deserves to be heard and I honestly can’t wait to see what these dudes out of Indianapolis have up their sleeves next! Don’t get left out! I encourage all of you to give ‘Dive’ a listen – you won’t regret it! – DW

Check out the interview we did with Glass Hands and what we learned about which tracks they view as ‘their own sound’ off the album!

Dear Untitled Rating: “With powerful lyrics, incredible dynamics, and authentic passion, ‘Dive’ is the complete package.” (9/10)

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